Информация о компании "ESTANDA"

Название : "ESTANDA"
Страна : Россия
Город : Москва
Адрес : г. Москва
Руководитель : Властник Миросла (Восточная Европа и СНГ)
Телефон : (495) 995-50-40
О компании : Estanda a proven name in the supply of quality heat and wear resistant casting's to the Cement, Automotive, Railway and Public service sector since 1953.Since our inception we have been exporting our products to the world through our world wide sales network. Today we proudly export up to 80% of our production supplying to almost every country in the world. Our dedicated staff of 225 people working in the Spanish, Estanda production plant and within our world wide sales network, are focused to provide world class products and an after sales service for our products which is rated second to none. Our current primary sphere of activity specialises in the cement manufacturing industry, developing complete engineering solutions for the optimisation of all types of clinker coolers,raw/cement milling circuits, as well as the supply of quality spare and wear parts for all sections of the integrated production process for cement manufacture.Estanda your preferred solution provider.We are here to service your engineering needs in the cement industry, constantly upgrading our technology and solutions, providing rightful fit for purpose designs/parts tailored to suit the needs of your business.
Комментарий : The new ESTANDA mill feeding system ensures that feed quantities into the mill flow are unhindered. Our superior design of inlet headliners allow for improved mill internal capacity usage. Our Water Injection Systems ensure the optimum mill internal working temperatures and conditions are maintained. Our range of shell liners provide significantly longer wear life expectancies, combined with reduced power consumption requirements complimented with a range of diaphragms for fully optimising the performance of the mill. All this to get the best out of each mill.

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Контактная информация

Контактное лицо : Алейников Виталий Владиславович, country manager
E-mail : estanda@mail.ru


URL : http://www.estanda.com

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