Информация о компании "EXIM-KHIVA"

Название : "EXIM-KHIVA"
Страна : Узбекистан
Город : Хива
Адрес : 21 J.Kalandarov street
Руководитель : Рузметов Махмуд Шавкатович
Телефон : +998623752100
Факс : +998623752100
О компании : We are Uzbekistan-based enterprise committed in bringing you exceptional products from all over the world. Our principle activities include sourcing, supplying to clients worldwide and covering where possible total logistical management from beginning till end with full customer satisfaction standard as part of the package deal. We are an Export Broker for selected commodities and products that are sourced from Suppliers across the world. Our relationships include some of the world’s manufacturers and traders. This translates to the lowest possible price for you all backed by our promise of high quality and reliable delivery. The enterprise with its goodwill has received confidence and acclaim from both suppliers and buyers all over the world. More details on our website.
Комментарий : Trading, Supply, Consultancy, Tourism, Marketing
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Контактная информация

Контактное лицо : Рузметов Махмуд Шавкатович, Руководитель
E-mail : ritca@gmail.ru


URL : http://eximkhiva.atspace.com

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