ООО «Lzzgroup»

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Название : ООО «Lzzgroup»
Страна : Россия
Город : Санкт-Петербург
Адрес : 94384, Nevski
Телефон : 0546551086
Комментарий : Our company is a seller mandate, we can supply Portland cement 42.5 / 32.5 and 52.5. The cement's origin is Ukraine and Romania. The minimal quantity starts from 150,000 MT We guarantee low prices and an excellent service. Please send us LOI (Letter of Intent) + BCL with Soft Probe After we obtain these necessities, we can check your options and compose a Draft Contract to the Buyer directly from the manufacturer! If you are able to provide us with ICPO, it will be very beneficial for us. The way we usually work: 1. Buyer issues ICPO+Soft Probe or LOI and BCL 2. Seller issues Proforma Invoice/FCO/Draft Contract to Buyer 3. Buyer and Seller sign Final Contract 4. Buyer issues L/C to Seller 5. Seller issues 2%PB to Buyer 6. Seller starp up and complete production 7. SGS Inspection at Loading Port 8. Shipment Commences & Seller get paid For more details please contact us mail - Only serious buyers are welcome! If you don't have a valid BCL with Soft Probe or ICPO, we won't be able to do anything with it. We will not reply on an invalid documents and the seller will not make Draft Contract without BCL or ICPO With best regards, lzzgroup!
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Контактное лицо : Alexei, Менеджер по продажам

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